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comic book meme / [2/5] female character: kate bishop

"well, i don’t hang out with him. he hangs out with me”

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the most consistent thing in DC is dick grayson’s huge bubble butt

Brain teasers for egalitarians/equalists.



Say I’m 32 years old and you’re 22 years old.

In how many years will we be the same age?

Silly question, right? If you define aging as a process that stops at death, the only way we’ll ever be the same age is if I die first. If you don’t, then we’ll never be the same age. Every time you age a year, I also age a year. Since our ages increase at the same rate, you will never catch up to my head start. We have achieved a total equality of aging, but that does not change the permanent inequality of our age.

Okay, say I have a million dollars and you’re completely broke. If we both get a dollar a day, how long will it take you to catch up with me?

Now, this one’s even sillier, because if you have no other resources, your dollar a day is going to be eaten up by basic living expenses that it doesn’t quite meet, and I have an excess of money that can be spent on money-making opportunities that pay off far better than an additional $365 a year. I could literally burn the dollar I’m getting as part of our Totally Equal Income and still make more money in a year than you do just by sticking my money in the bank. 

But still: both of us getting a dollar a day is totally equal, right? It means we’re being treated exactly the same.

And now, final problem:

If we have a world that contains structural inequalities, systemic imbalances, disproportionate danger faced by some, and unequal access to resources and opportunities, is “treating everyone the same” really going to result in equality?

Show your work.

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clint barton not knowing what to say after sex so he just high-fives his partner

Dean Winchester Meme: Favorite Traits (4/5)

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Thanks to the recent addition of their own 21x41ft pool, dogs at Lucky Puppy in Maybee, Michigan got to have their very own doggy pool party.

when I die this better be what heaven looks like tbh


my ideal weight is the weight of me holding eight puppies

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"Welcome back, Buck"


"Welcome back, Buck"

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Cersei Lannister + text posts 

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Marvel Universe Twitter accounts 




how do you tell someone you like them without telling them you like them

You rebel against heaven and die for them multiple times.

Stare at them like your life depends on it whenever they are in viewing-range